Saturday, 5 October 2013

SePtEmBeR fAvOuRiTeS...

Ok, on my iPad I have a load of random songs, and one day I was looking through the folk genrey bit and came across Jack Johnson, Better Together and for some odd reason I knew it really well just I didn't know why, I asked my dad and he said he doesn't remember playing it, so not sure where I know it from. Anyway since I found it I've been playing it on repeat. I suggest you check it out it's very lovable.
Jack Johnson - In Between Dreams
I'm a Marmite lover, I literally have it everyday in a sandwich on toast or crumpets, (it's an addiction) and when my friend Stefanie came to school with a packet of Marmite crisps I was in heaven, and I've been loving them ever since!
The Marmite Crisps

Now for some reason when I was shopping with my mum she brought some face wipes which were age delaying or something along those lines (I'm 14, what was she thinking, I think she brought them by accident, some how or they were on offer?) anyway these smell soooo good I'm saving them because for face wipes there fairly expensive, I'm not sure if they do much to my skin but hey ho the smell is too good! 
This bag or satchel or what ever you want to call it, is from Asos, now I had never brought or even been to Asos' website, but I saw Fashionrocksmysocks YouTube video on a haul from Asos and she had some pretty nice stuff, so I decided to check out their website.

Satchel - Warehouse (sold out as Asos) - £34

While I was there I found this satchel, guess what happened, I fell in love with it! (naughty, naughty, but you can't deny the heart) It wasn't actually Asos' own brand it was Warehouse, is that good? Anyway after a week or so of weighing up whether I needed it, I decided why not! I was so excited when I got home from school, opened it and fell even more in love (if that's even possible). I still am loving it!

The last thing I'm liking at the moment is this perfume, by Clarins. It has a lot of memories, my grandma used to wear it, it smells sweet, and fruity (don't get me wrong it doesn't smell like old people) but yeah...
Clarins - Eau des Jardins - £30